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    Adult Family Homes Raise the Standard of Senior Living

    Thousands of people searching for senior care options in Washington State choose Adult Family Homes each year for their loved ones. Adult Family Homes are long-term senior care alternatives that provide personalized and skilled healthcare for the elderly, as well as room and board, for up to six senior residents.

    Adult Family Homes raise the standard of senior living by providing their elderly residents with a true 'home feel'.

    Many elderly and their families experience a smooth transition to long term care and express a deep gratitude knowing they receive the highest in quality care because of this personalized approach. The high staff to resident ratio creates peace of mind for families who can trust their loved ones are being diligently cared for at all times of the day.

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    We believe your loved one deserves the best care possible and our mission is to provide a comprehensive and intuitive platform that allows you to educate yourself on different Adult Family Homes in your area.

    Planning for long term care alone can be a daunting task and with the sensitive nature of the subject, it can become very disheartening on how to best search through the plethora of options in a massive healthcare industry.

    Adult Family Homes Solutions takes away this highly stressful process of finding living and care options in your area. Through our Senior Care Specialist we have created an "all in one" platform that gives you the information you need.

    Our search tool allows you to find specific care and lifestyle requirements based on an area of interest and shortens the time it takes to get in touch with a provider, minimizing the stress of finding a place you can call home for your loved one.