Have you been searching for a Senior Care Home for your loved one? In some way or another you have arrived at our website. You see the map, you see the search bar, you see the video and much more. But how do you begin the process of finding a home for your loved one? Below are four steps that will help you in this process.

Simple Steps

1. Step

In the first step the registry helps you narrow your search to a city or zip code. This allows you to focus on homes in that specific geographic area. If you type the city of "Kirkland" into the search bar the website will generate a list of Adult Family Homes in Kirkland as well as a map that pinpoints their location.

2. Step

In the second step, you search for things that are important for you in a home by using a filter. The filter allows you to seek homes according to room types, services and amenities.

If it is important to you that a home:

  • have a room type that has a shower,
  • or it is a must that a home be run by a registered nurse,
  • or specializes in Diabetes care,

you would check those boxes in the filter.

Likewise if you would like to see certain activities or amenities in the home such as arts and crafts or cable tv, that is also something you would check boxes for. Because of the filter, you can compare up to three homes, putting them side by side, and see the services that a home provides in comparison to other homes.

3. Step

In the third step you are ready to contact the homes that interest you. The contact information for the homes are provided in their listing. We take pride in the fact that you can get in touch directly with the home, without having to go through a third party. Setting up a home tour, is very simple, and can be done on the listing page of each home. On the right side of the listing you click on the "Tour House" tab. You fill in the date and time when you are available to visit the home and the home owner will reply with a confirm or an alternate visiting time. It's that simple!

4. Step

The fourth step gets you in your car and on your way to go see the homes that you feel would best fit your loved one's needs. You will have the chance to ask questions and further learn about the Senior Care setting firsthand.

We are excited that you have come to our registry and our wish is that this platform will assist you in connecting directly with the right home!