Every year, thousands of families across the United States have to consider senior care options for their loves ones and how to best care for their aging parents. When considering care options, families have two choices: a huge retirement community or a personalized adult family home.

An adult family home is a long-term senior care option that provides personalized and skilled healthcare for the elderly, as well as room and board, for up to six seniors in a residential home.

Adult Family Homes raise the standard of senior living by providing elderly residents with a true 'home feel'. A high staff to resident ratio means more detailed attention to hygiene, medication management, and engaging activities for senior residents.

We encourage families to use our site to search, filter, and connect with providers and homes that interest them most.

Once you've found various suitable options, the next step is to tour the residence. Here are some things you should keep in mind when touring an adult family home.

What to Ask Providers

  1. How long have they been operating and how often has their adult family home license been renewed?
  2. How are family visits handled and when are visiting hours?
  3. What kinds of activities are planned and structured during the day?
  4. Do they provide medication management? How is medication management handled?
  5. Is some level of nursing care provided, and how often is it available?
  6. Are transportation services provided?
  7. Are bedrooms private or shared?
  8. What amenities are within close walking distance - library, shopping, movie theater, etc?
  9. Is there an area to enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, sitting or gardening?
  10. How many staff are generally on shift, both during the day and night?
  11. Do they accept Medicaid? How have families with residents in the home previously financed the care?

Additional Questions Families Have About Adult Family Homes

  1. What is the difference between an adult family home and retirement community/assisted living?
  2. - An Adult Family Home provides more personalized care in a more home-like, residential setting rather than having the feel of a large or impersonal facility.

  3. How is this registry different than referral agencies?
  4. - Unlike referral agencies, which steer you toward the homes of their choosing, we provide you with the contact information of the homes that interest you, and give you the freedom to decide which of the homes you should contact.

  5. How do adult family homes stay accountable to the state in which they operate?
  6. - Each state conducts yearly surprise inspections to ensure that Adult Family homes are operating at a an optimum level. All records are available on the Department of Social and Health Services in the respective state in which they operate. At adultfamilyhomes.org, we work hard to ensure every listing on our site is vetted, legitimate, and responsive to our families searching for elderly care. Any fraudulent listings are taken down immediately and though we don't own any of the homes listed on our site, we take very serious compliance with the DSHS and our featured partners and preferred members.

  7. What is the next step after I contact some Adult Family Homes?
  8. - After learning a little bit about their home over the phone, you can schedule a tour with a few of the homes you feel most comfortable with. Visiting at different times of the day and during meals/socials will be key to understanding the dynamic of the home.

  9. What should I expect during a home tour?
  10. - During the tour the AFH provider will walk you through the home, show you the available rooms, and explain in detail, how the home will meet the needs of your parent.

  11. Are there services that an Adult Family Home does not provide?
  12. - Adult Family Homes are equipped to provide a wide range of services for the elderly. Most notable is the 24 hour care, with assistance of all activities of every day living. Most homes provide assistance for Dementia and Mental Health. Some homes are RN owned and operated. All the services our listed homes offer are available to filter and select for families in the search bar.

  13. How much care should my parent anticipate from an Adult Family Home?
  14. - Adult family Homes provide as much or as little care as the resident requires. Residents that are more independent will be encouraged to use their abilities while those needing assistance will be helped more. Usually homes will do an assessment of a new resident before they move in and classify them anywhere between light and heavy care. The light or heavy care will also be a direct input into the range of daily rates families will have to cover.

  15. Who takes care of the residents in an Adult Family Home?
  16. - Most Adult Family Homes are either run by the owner (Provider) or they have a resident manager that oversees the house and a care staff that deals with the care and day to day activity of the home.

  17. What does a typical day in an Adult Family Home look like?
  18. - While each home is different, below you can see some general points that appear in a typical day. Residents are assisted with dress and grooming before serving breakfast. Rooms and laundry are cleaned. Activities and exercises are encouraged. Toileting may take place either before or after meals. Lunch is served followed by a time of relaxation or more organized activities and games. In the evening there is dinner and the day begins to wind down by watching one's favorite show, book, or radio before being assisted with the bedtime routine.

  19. How often can I visit my parents in an Adult Family Home?
  20. - Families can visit as much or as little as they please. Family interaction is encouraged by providers and the adult family home will usually coordinate contact between family and resident based on care schedule/needs.

What Sets Us Apart

Unlike referral agencies, which steer you toward the homes of their choosing, we provide you with the contact information of the homes that interest you, and give you the freedom to decide which of the homes you should contact.

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